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Deep Carpet Cleaning Houston

Deep Carpet Cleaning Houston is what we do here at Tex A Clean Carpet Care, We provide quality service at Affordable Prices with our All in one deals. Call us Today and save Big with our Deep Carpet Cleaning in Houston Tx & surrounding areas call us Now! 832-318-2300 Deep Carpet Cleaning In Houston Tx […]

Carpet Companies Houston Tx

Carpet Companies Houston Tx   Carpet Companies In Houston Tx  Can be very expensive when it comes to going out with the old & in with the new. If you are looking to replace your current carpet & padding with new carpet because you fill that your carpet is not cleanable. Give us a Call […]

Carpet Cleaners Spring Tx

Carpet Cleaners Spring Tx If you are looking For Quality Carpet Cleaners in the Spring Tx Areas then Tex A Clean Carpet Care LLC is who you Need. Finding Carpet Cleaners In Spring Tx can sometimes be very hard to come by when looking for Quality Services & affordable prices. Most Spring Tx locals have […]

Water Damage Restoration Tips

Water Damage Emergency Services Related Water Services What you can do until help arrives Water Damage Emergency  After any water damage situation, your primary focus should be safety: Is it safe to stay in the house? Electrical and “slip and fall” hazards are some of the most prevalent concerns. Only do activities that are safe […]

Choose Tex-A-Clean Over A Rented Machine

Carpet Cleaning Rental Machines Carpet Cleaning Rental Machines Don’t Bother Wasting Your Time Renting One: Call Tex-A-Clean Today!           Carpet Cleaning Rental Machines Are you trying to clean your carpets on a budget? You may head for the nearest supermarket and rent a machine for a day or two. You buy […]

Leave Upholstered Cleaning To Professionals

          Upholstery Furniture Cleaners  Leave Your Furniture Cleaning To The Pros The furniture in your home, where you sit and relax, can easily become an unsanitary mess. Your kids climb on it, body oils and sweat soakinto the fabric, and your pets make it their private resting place, especially when you […]

Spring Cleaning

It feels like spring in Houston Texas! Spring Cleaning Is Here. Who’s ready for Spring cleaning? Book it now With Tex A Clean Carpet Care Call us Today! 832-318-2300 Cleaning tips: Dust your home thoroughly. Take everything off shelves, tabletops and dressers to dust. Now is also the time to get to all the places you’ve been neglecting […]

Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning & Dry Cleaning Are not the Same. Steam Cleaning & Dry Cleaning are two total different cleaning methods. Here you can find reasons why Dry Cleaning is Not recommended By Tex A Clean. What Makes the cleaning different Between Dry Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning With Steam? Is that when dry cleaning your carpet […]

Servicing Down Town Houston

Servicing Down Town Houston With Affordable Carpet Cleaning Prices! Servicing Down Town Houston with the best QUALITY carpet cleaning services. Here you can find Industries Served By Tex A Clean Carpet Care LLC. That Most Companies Can Not Perform On High Rise Condos and Apartments Like We Can.             Servicing […]