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Carpet Cleaner Houston Tx

Carpet Cleaner Houston Tx

Carpet Cleaner Houston Tx is also Know as Tex A clean Carpet Care LLC who provides all in 1 deals & No Hidden Fees Give us a Call Today! 832-318-2300

We will Better serve you with all your carpet cleaning needs. Here at Tex A clean carpet care LLC we provide all our customers all in one package deals. We do not believe in advertising for cheap just to get in your door. If we give you a price either by phone or viva email and all information is correct your price will never change with Tex A Clean Carpet Care LLC. We will do what ever it takes to keep our customers happy.

Here are a few Tips from Tex A Clean Carpet Care LLC .

When calling around checking prices here is what you should always ask first.

1st What dose your carpet cleaning method come with?

2nd Dose your company charge a trip fee?

3rd Is your company insured?

4th Dose your Carpet cleaning come with a Warranty?

5th Dose you company run background checks on your Technicians?

6th Last but not least is your price going to change when your Technician arrives?

Here is how Tex A Clean Will Answer.

1st Tex A clean Dose not have any hidden fees Our Carpet Cleaning will come with Pre Conditioner Deep Steam Cleaning Deodorizer & Grooming. Urine Pet Treatment & fiber protector Not Included. 2nd our company dose not charge a trip fee. 3rd Our company is insure for the safety of our customers & there belongings. 4th No one can ever promise you a warranty on some stains. Our Urine Pet treatment will come with a 30 Day warranty. 5th Our Company runs a Full back ground check on all our Employees for the safety of our customers home and there belongings. 6th Our Price will never change if given the correct information during receiving your quote. So if you are looking to hire the right professional carpet cleaning company to better serve you. Call us Today and ask about our all in 1 deals. Call us Now! 832-318-2300

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