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Carpet Cleaning Rental Machines Are you trying to clean your carpets on a budget? You may head for the nearest supermarket and rent a machine for a day or two. You buy some costly supplies, tug the unit home, and attempt to clean your carpet. You soon find yourself asking whether you would have been better off calling a local carpet cleaner, such as Tex-A-Clean, a local Houston company that has been professionally cleaning area rugs and carpets since 1991.

Carpet Cleaning Rental Machines Are Expensive

You may assume that you are saving money by renting Carpet Cleaning Rental Machines, but if you do some calculations, you may find that is not the truth. Renting a machine can cost you an average of $20-$30 for a 24 hour period. By the time you buy the soap that goes in the machine and the extra products for stain removal, you could end up paying over $50, a figure that could easily go up if you need to keep the machine for a couple of days. Also, these machines are not lightweight, so getting and transporting it can be very inconvenient.


Four Reasons Why Tex-A-Clean Does A Better Job


Even if the initial cost of renting a grocery store unit is slightly less expensive, the value of hiring a professional goes beyond the initial cost. Having a guarantee that the job will be done well and done right is just one of the many reasons to rely on the pros. Here are four more reasons why hiring a professionals, like Tex-A-Clean, is your best value:



  1. As stains specialists, the professionals at Tex-A-Clean know how to approach different kinds of stains. They can get them out without spreading them or making your carpet look worse than before you tried to remove them. The pros know the challenges that might arise when treating stains and have both the know-how and the equipment to face those challenges.


  1. They know how to clean without leaving too much water in your carpet, which can lead to mold and mildew formation. Their low moisture techniques and water extraction equipment will suck out the water while still doing the proper cleaning job. If you use a grocery store unit, or even with a home unit, it’s easy to over-wet the area.


  1. Professional cleaners know how to properly care for different types of carpet fibers. You might think that “carpet is carpet,” but carpets made of wool, nylon, acrylic, mod, acrylic, polyester, and polypropylene olefin must be treated differently.


  1. Particularly if you have pets, you may have hidden stains to worry about that DIY approaches to cleaning may not catch. The problem is that when pet urine dries, it turns from an acid into an alkaline salt. Unfortunately, the salt is food for bacteria, which causes the urine to smell when you wet it. The professionals at Texas clean find the urine with an ultraviolet light, and then clean it with specialized environmentally safe products.


Skip The Carpet Cleaning Rental Machines , Call Tex-A-Clean


When you shampoo your carpet with a rented machine, you may succeed in making your carpet look cleaner. However, you might not be as successful if your carpet had stains from spilled food, dirty feet, or pet accidents. Skip the expense and hassle of bringing home a grocery store machine and call in the professionals at Tex-A-Clean at 832-318-2300 or Get A estimate online.