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Leave Upholstered Cleaning To Professionals

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Upholstery Furniture Cleaners 

Leave Your Furniture Cleaning To The Pros

The furniture in your home, where you sit and relax, can easily become an unsanitary mess. Your kids climb on it, body oils and sweat soakinto the fabric, and your pets make it their private resting place, especially when you are not at home. Your couches, loveseats, chairs, and other upholstered furniture are subject to crumbs, dirt, dust, food stains, pet hair, pollen, and bodily fluids that make them unsightly and even worse, unhygienic. Even when you clean off the surface, you may not have really rid the germs on your furniture.

Should You Try To Clean Your Upholstered Furniture Yourself?

Depending on what type of fabric covers your upholstered furniture, you may be able to attempt cleaning it by yourself or at least removing spots. Unfortunately, even if you have good results, your DIY attempts to clean your furniture do not remove all the germs. You should not even attempt to clean furniture that claims to be “dry clean only,” as you could easily make the problem worse. For thorough cleaning and de-spotting, call the professionals at Tex-A-Clean.

Call In The Experts For Top Quality Upholstered Furniture Cleaning

Calling in the pros make sense for number of reasons:

Upholstery Furniture Cleaners 

  1. Tex-A-Clean uses safe, organic cleaning products to do the job.


  1. The Professionals Specialize In Deep Cleaning. Upholstered furniture is covered with fabric that is stretched over a frame wrapped in foam or cotton batting. The material under the fabric absorbs fluids from food and beverage spills and pet accidents and even absorbs smoke, allergens, and odors. To get your furniture really clean, you must sanitize what is underneath the fabric as well as the top layer. After your furniture is cleaned, the last thing you want to do is smell pet odors or other residual odors. Tex-A-Clean’s deep cleaning and sanitizing process will make your furniture look and smell better, while making it more sanitary, too.
  2. The Professionals Know How To Take Care Your Fabrics. Some fabric such as cottons or microfibers claim to be easy to clean, yet have special requirements that the pros can handle much better than you can at home. Other fabrics are dry-clean only and may be accented with trim or embellishments that need special care. With a quarter century of experience in the business, the experienced professionals at Tex-A-Clean are expert in working with many types of playing and embellished fabrics.


Removing Stains Is Their Business And They Have The Know-How. Whether you have furniture that can be cleaned with water-based cleaners or whether it must be cleaned with solvents, the professionals are much better equipped to remove stains without leaving water stains or light marks. T

You want your upholstered furniture to last for many years. The best way to keep the fabric looking great and keep the fibers strong is to keep your furniture properly clean. Tex-A-Clean can help you preserve the life of your furniture. Just request an estimate online by our Upholstery Furniture Cleaners or call us today at 832-318-2300.