• Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning in Houston

  • Professional Tile Cleaning Grout Cleaning In Houston

    Professional Tile Cleaning Grout Cleaning In Houston should be done in your Home Just like your carpets, the tile and grout in your home or business needs professional cleaning. Although you may maintain your tile floors with mopping and spot cleaning, your tile occasionally needs deep cleaning to extract dirt that has infiltrated the grout or remains on the surface.

    Why Opt For Professional Cleaning

    Normal use of your tile from foot traffic, pets, dust, and spills can leave your tile dull and your grout discolored. Even if you try to clean the grout yourself, the process is painstaking. The professionals from Tex A Clean can restore the original color of the grout, while leaving your tile sparkling clean. What do professional tile cleaners do to achieve this? After inspecting your tile, the pros will see if there are any areas of your floor that need special attention as a result of dirt buildup. They then bring their truck-mounted hose and cleaning equipment into your home to start the cleaning process, and use a wand and specialized tools to penetrate every corner of the floor and the depth of the grout lines. Deep down dirt comes to the surface and is pulled away.

    Completing The Job

    After washing and thoroughly rinsing the tile, the technicians will add a clear sealant preserver or a color grout sealer to restore its color before sealing. Unfortunately, cleaning can’t bring color back to grout, but color sealing goes a long way in improving its appearance. After the sealer is applied, the pros suggest staying off the floor for at least a half hour, while using it lightly for 24 hours to let the sealants dry completely. Professional cleaning and sealing can give the floors that just-laid gleam and intensity.

    Call Tex A Clean For Tile And Grout Cleaning

    When you need tile cleaning and maintenance, call Tex A Clean for thorough, competent service. We also offer high quality upholstery, rug, and carpet maintenance, using Natural cleaners. For top quality tile cleaning, call Tex A Clean at 832-318-2300 or 832-725-9254.