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    If you are in need of a local Water extraction company in Harris county Texas then Tex A Clean is the team for you. We specialize in Water damage and restoration services. Our team is always on stand by ready to extract dry and dehumidify any job you need done no matter how big the job is. Our Professionals can get in and get your cleanup project done the right way. No need to go out and rent drying equipment or buying shop VACS. Tex a Clean has Professional Drying equipment to take on any job that is thrown our way. Our company also has plenty of man power for the job.

    Is there water in your Harris County Home or place of business?

    Stop & take a deep breath don’t panic and make sure before you walk into any areas of the home or business that has water in them do not have any electronic devices plugged into the wall and laying on the ground before entering the are. If there is we do not recommend any customer to try to enter the area this could cause physical harm. Eletrical shocks Eletric voltage can take a humans life. This is something to play around with or take a chance. First thing we recommend if there is water high enough in a room or area of your home that is close to Eletrical devices or plugs. Try to avoid it and get out of your home till a professional arrives. Another reason it is best to hire a professional is because it can save you money and time. This will also take a lot of knee and back breaking stress off your body and mind.

    Cost of drying Equipment!
    Drying equipment can get very expansive when renting or buying. No need to rent or buy when we can leave our equipment to dry out your home for less
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