Dirt Free & Stain Free Carpet Cleaning

Dirt Free 

Dirt Free Carpet Cleaning  Dirt Free Carpet Steam Cleaning

Get your Carpet Steam Cleaned and left Stain Free and Dirt Free With Tex  A Clean Carpet Care LLC. We will Provide you with All In One Deals That Come With No Hidden Fees! Here at Tex A Clean Carpet Care We Know how to Keep our Customers Happy with our Services and Products we Use. That is what makes us one of the Best Carpet Steam Cleaners In Houston Tx. Because We Don’t Hide the Dirt We remove it. Here are Some of the Following Reasons Why you should use our Services here At Tex A Clean Carpet Care LLC.

We are a Local Houston Carpet Cleaning Company that take our Time to give our Customers information about our Products and Services we Provide and we also Explain to our Customers how our products work and were they can Benefit from our Cleaning Method Compared to other Carpet Cleaning Companies Cleaning Methods. All Carpet Cleaners Do a Good Job on carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning, but the Question is are they Really getting the dirt out or is the dirt just being hidden By a white Powdered residue left behind From the Shampoo suds that are being used on your Carpets or Upholstery Cleaning being done in your home.

Most Companies don’t tell Customers what they are using to do there Carpet Cleaning they just go in and Start Spraying Chemicals or Shampoos on your carpets or Upholstery, Who is to say its not just a regular Laundry Detergent that has been bought from a local Family Dollar or even at Walmart. Here at Tex A Clean Carpet Care LLC in Houston We Buy our Products from a Local Houston Company that Knows there products very well and also makes there own Products. These products are EPA approved and are made by the owner Himself at CHEM-TEX  we also use a couple of other Products From Namco Manufacturers . So when you Give Us a Call or we come out to Your Home you to do your Carpet Cleaning or Upholstery Cleaning ,We can Tell you all about how your carpet or Upholstery Cleaning Will Be done. And how our Products we use are Much Safer and Environmental Friendly.

So Give us A Call today To Find out more on How we Can Help you Save Big Here At Tex A Clean Carpet Care LLC. Call 832-318-2300