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Carpet Cleaning Services Spring Tx

 Carpet Cleaning Services Spring Tx

Carpet Cleaning Services Spring Tx Do Not fall for the Bait & Switch We will honor our Prices.

Tex A Clean Carpet Care LLC is a Spring Tx local carpet cleaning company that has been working in the line of business for over 20 years we have extra training and experience to make sure we get the job done the right way.

Carpet Cleaning Services Spring Tx  Tex A Clean Carpet Care LLC Spring Tx  has 3 Locations to better Serve Houston Tx and the Surrounding areas. Tex A Clean Carpet Care LLC Main Office location is Located in Down Town Houston , second location is in East Houston & our 3rd location is in Spring Tx . So if you are looking for Carpet cleaning services in the Spring Tx and Surrounding areas for either your self or a family member we are here to better serve you with our all in one deal that comes with No Hidden Fees!

Our cleaning method here at Tex A Clean will come Pre Treatment for Heavy soil lifter, Deep Steam cleaning , Deodorizer and grooming.

Most Carpet Cleaning Services Spring Tx  don’t give all in 1 deals like we do most companies advertise for cheap for a basic carpet steam cleaning that is only cleaned with water that is converted to steam.

Carpet fibers are like your clothes & hair you have to put some kind of treatment in them to get them cleaned, for example you do not just wash your clothes with just water and not add soap and fabric softener, and when you shower you use Shampoo & conditioner to get your hair cleaned. So this can cause you to get up sold on products that should already come with your Carpet Cleaning or Upholstery Cleaning services already to have them cleaned the right way.

Just look at it like this you hair and clothes get washed almost on a daily basses, your clothes only get worn once a day and the same with your hair you wash it every day after being out doors getting sticky and dirty, well just imagine your carpet gets walked on every day when you get in from work or your children come in from playing out side tracking in mud and dirt, do you really think that just water converted to steam is really going to get your cleaned? The answer is NO.

So the next time you are looking for a carpet cleaning company that Performs Quality services and great pricing Call us Today and let us better serve you with our all in one deals on your carpet cleaning services at $30.00 a room we do although we do have a 2 room minimum with our services so if we come out to clean just 1 room you will be Looking at $60.00 Minimum witch we will throw in Free fiber protector for a 1 room cleaning to make up for our minimum deal.

All Spring locals please do not get caught in the carpet cleaning scams of cheap advertising for basic carpet steam cleaning here is a video you can see how it happens to most customers on a daily bases and you can see what to watch for when a company gives you a price that just sounds to good to be true.

To avoid this from happening to you Call us Today at 832-318-2300 & know when we come to your home we will not pull a bait & switch on you.

Our prices will not change and if we can not give you a flat quote from on our Get a Quote page or by phone we will send out a tech free of charge to give you a firm Quote just in case you have other stains that require scrubbing or different spot removers. Don’t forget you will SAVE BIG with our Team! Carpet Cleaning Services Spring Tx Is Best Performed by Out Team here at Tex A Clean Call Us Today For a Free Quote! 832-318-2300