Carpet cleaning service houston

Carpet cleaning service Houston

Carpet cleaning service Houston needed? At Tex A Clean Carpet Care. We provide professional carpet cleaning and have the experience and training to provide high-quality services along with excellent customer care. Our services include bio-waste removal. Oriental rug and upholstery cleaning. Pet odor removal. Tile and grout cleaning and carpet cleaning.

We are proud to provide upholstery cleaning services along with our carpet cleaning service Houston. Homeowners often mistakenly think a piece of furniture needs to be thrown out, Because it has gotten so dirty and dingy. The reality is that upholstery cleaning can be incredibly effective at restoring. Rather grimy looking furniture to like-new condition. Our pet odor removal service also works wonders.

Upholstery Cleaning

The process we use for cleaning upholstery gives furniture a quick makeover.

Spills and stubborn stains left by children and odors. Or dander left by pets can all be removed with our cleaning service. When upholstery is soiled, the dirty area absorbs light. When we remove the dirt. The light is reflected off of the cleaned fibers. Which gives the furnishings a much brighter look. Tex A Clean uses a mile Pre Treatment. That bonds with the dirt and soil and pulls it to the surface. We then steam-extract the dirt and other contaminants, leaving behind fabric that is free of residue. We use high-speed fans to speed up the process of drying out the furniture. It is highly recommended that you also ask for treatment of your upholstery, to protect it from further stains.

Carpet cleaning service Houston and Pet Odor Removal

For many pet owners, dealing with carpet stains and odors is a fact of life; and our professional carpet cleaning service Houston can help.

There are many different solutions to pet odor problems, and we provide whichever is appropriate for your situation. For mild odors, our deodorization process begins with spraying the carpet with our pet deodorizer as soon as the truck-mounted steam carpet cleaning process is completed.

You may ask that we use ultraviolet light to identify problems areas so that we can inject enzyme into the subfloor and padding. For extensive odor issues. We may need to pull the carpet from the tack strip and inspect the backing of the pad and Carpet. After assessing the extent of the damage. We provide the appropriate solutions, which may involve replacing contaminated padding.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at Texas A Clean Carpet Care, a professional and reliable carpet cleaning service Houston.

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Carpet cleaning service houston