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Carpet cleaning in houston TX

Carpet cleaning in houston TX

Carpet cleaning in houston TX provides many services besides the obvious. Professionals can help in certain emergency situations, such as when you are facing water damage, have a pet stain problem, or you have upholstery in need of cleaning. There are many benefits to depending on our professionals, and the following are a few.

Carpet Repair

We can remove many types of stains from carpeting, making it look like new. But what if bleach is spilled on your carpet or there is a stubborn stain that even professional products can’t remove? These problems can also be solved, with professional carpet cleaning in houston TX. Our services include carpet patching, split seam repair, carpet stretching, removal of rust stains, repairing loose carpet on stairs, and reinstallation of padding, as part of water damage restoration. Sometimes when carpeting is installed, the work isn’t done correctly, which results in rippling and wrinkling of the carpet. We can power stretch the carpet so that every unsightly buckle is erased.  Other types of repair include Berber carpet loop run repair, tack strip installation, and repairing areas where seams are frayed or split.

Pet Odor Removal

Pet odor issues can become a real problem, and our professionals know how to do the deodorization process right. Carpet cleaning in houston TX that is designed to remove pet odor begins with removal of the source of the problem. Minor odor problems can usually be alleviated with truck mounted steam carpet cleaning and deodorization. For extensive problems, such as an animal urinating repeatedly in the same area, we provide a comprehensive service that involves detaching carpeting from the tack strip, pulling it back, and replacing backing, pad, and subfloor, as needed. The entire process includes cleaning and sealing the subflooring and treating the re-installed carpet.

Water Damage

Due to plumbing emergencies and, less frequently, storm damage, professionals are often called upon to help homeowners with water damage. Whether the problem started with a backup of the sewer system, leaking pipes, a burst water heater, or some other plumbing or weather-related issue, experts can help. Professionals have the industrial-strength equipment needed for getting your carpeting back in good condition.

Upholstery Cleaning

Professionals at carpet cleaning in houston TX don’t just do carpets. We also provide cleaning services for upholstery and can make furniture look like new.

Whatever your needs for Carpet cleaning in houston TX, count on the pros.

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Carpet cleaning in houston TX