• Carpet and Carpet Cleaning

  • Carpet and Carpet Cleaning can be hard to find when looking for a professional, that can do quality Carpet stretching repairs and cleaning. If you are in need of a Houston local who specializes in Carpet maintenance services. Then call us here at Tex A Clean Carpet Care LLC & see how we can better serve you.

    Carpet Shampooing  is what most customers look to have done in there home on a quarterly bases. Most customers think that they have to replace there whole room of carpet over a small holes in there carpeted areas. Most holes or rips may have came from natural wear and tear or even a pet loved one has put in the carpeted areas.

    Well here is some good news. Here at Tex A Clean Carpet Care LLC we have accesses to get our hands on matched carpet to do small to big patches and repairs. If our team can not find a match of your carpeted area do to a discontinued carpet. We can find a non noticeable area from a closet or were family and friends will never go into and pull a patch out to replace the hole or rip. And patch it to make it non noticeable.

    Tex A Clean Carpet Care LLC also specializes in Stretching carpet Steaming & Pet urine bio-waste removal. If you are in need of a company with a fast response time then call us Today and Save big. We are known for Carpet Cleaning services. Fill free to give us a call and get you’re free quote today. Don’t forget to ask about or Upholstery cleaning and Air Duct cleaning specials. Call us at 832-318-2300.

    1. For Carpet Shampooing & Upholstery Cleaning press (Ext. 1).
    2. For Tile and Grout Cleaning press (Ext.2)
    3. for Air Duct Cleaning press (Ext.3) & if you are in need of a Water damage restoration service press (Ext.4)
    4. Our company has 5 locations threw out Houston, TX and surrounding ares to better serve you.

    Carpet and Carpet Cleaning